ReClam The Bay

Hold baby clams in your hands. See shellfish feeding on algae and learn about the fascinating lives of shellfish in Barnegat Bay. Visit clam nurseries from Barnegat Light to Beach Haven where you see thousands of clam and oysters growing. Participate in a class where you will learn how clams were used for money, food and can improve the environment and just why a “Clam is a man’s best friend.” Follow the Clam Trail, a treasure hunt that takes you all around Barnegat Bay finding giant painted clams and fun facts.

Learn about the many creatures that live in Barnegat Bay and how to care for them during interactive presentations made to small groups at locations from Barnegat Light to Beach Haven. Visit a “clam nursery” where we raise about 800,000 baby shellfish, and/or attend one of our bayside presentations. Find out about the Clam Trail, a treasure hunt that takes you all around Barnegat Bay finding giant painted clams and fun facts.

ReClam the Bay promotes local environmental involvement and education. Together we grow and maintain millions of baby clams and oysters. As we grow seed clams and oysters to stock our local bay we teach everyone how important and fragile the shellfish population and our environment really is.

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